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Maria Fadeeva

Maria Fadeeva

Name: Maria Fadeeva
Area of living: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Company: Part-time Freelancer for 7 years
Expertise: Interiors
Project duration: 1 week
Software using: 3DsMax, V-Ray,Corona render,Photoshop,Z-brush, Blender, Autocad

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Do you think if you are a 3D artist, than you need an office with many powerful computers? Do you think it is not possible to travel around the world and create stunning 3D renders? Than meet Maria Fadeeva from Russia, a girl who manage to travel across Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and work with clients from around the world. All she need is her talent and Dell precision m6800 notebook, nothing more, nothing less…

– Please, tell me little bit about yourself, who are you and what are you doing right now?

My name is Maria Fadeeva, I’m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg, but already two years traveling around Asia. Lived in Thailand: in the South and the North. As well as in Cambodia and Malaysia. At the moment, returned to Russia for six months to sort out the documents and make some steps for a new turn in the career of 3D visualizer. Also to prepare the ground for moving to another country.

Since 2013 I work as a freelancer not only with clients from Russia but also with clients from other countries. Before that I worked as a designer in a design studios in St. Petersburg for about six years.

I have been doing 3D since like started my career in 2008, but my main specialty was the design and knowledge of 3D packages was my additional plus. Since 2013 I decided to fully devote myself to the 3D graphics and made visualization of interiors and exteriors as my main direction.

Light Training by Maria Fadeeva

Light Training by Maria Fadeeva

– Who are your clients, how do you work with them?

My clients are mainly designers or architects, so the initial stage begin with the fact that I get sent information about the project which includes working drawings, scans or collages to assess the project cost and estimate how much time it will take to execute it. After we discuss the price, terms, any special details of the project and full technical specification, I’m waiting for pre-payment. If payment check received, work begins.

I work exclusively on the technical task. The only thing I can say that some moments don’t look good on the render and only in this case I can offer my suggestions, but this happens rarely. Usually my clients are designers with more experience or studios with highly qualified professionals. Edits, of course, occur. I am okay with it. It’s one thing when you need to correct color or replace some furniture, or rearrange it, but when the project redesigns an infinite number of times, then it is either for additional cost or I just finish the project and no longer work with such a client.

– Have you refused to do the project and if yes why?

One of important factors is whether I like the project or not, which I was proposed to visualize. If I see that interior I have to work with, I don’t like or doesn’t fit my aesthetic taste, it is likely that I will refuse. Nothing good from such cooperation will not work. Fortunately, I work with people with good taste and a refusal to work is a rarity on my part.

Bedroom in blue by Maria Fadeeva

Bedroom in blue by Maria Fadeeva

– General project time?

As for the timing, it all depends on how properly a task prepared and how many edits will be made and of course style. Visualization of classic interior is always in two and even three times longer than conventional modern interior.

Well, timing also depends on my workload. Sometimes you need to plan and arrange projects queue to suit both parties. Of course there are such projects, the timing of which I call: “we needed it yesterday.” I try not to take them, but also happen when you can’t deny loyal customers.

– How do you calculate/estimate project price?

The cost is measured in time that will be spent on this project. I can only say that the approximate cost of rendering an apartment in modern style 70m2 will be 700$ and terms from one week up to two. Exact time depends on the speed of the customer, a good specification and the number of edits.

The minimum price for the exterior always comes from 1000$ and above, since it requires more technical resources.

Anyway, I am very loyal to my customers. Always try to make both sides happy. For regular customers I can make additional renders for free or apply discounts, especially if I really like the project itself.

– Do you have technical education? Does it helps in 3D?

I have education of designer-architect and extensive experience as a designer. I can read any blueprints and know architectural programs besides 3DsMax. So it definitely helps, in my experience, to find a common language with those for whom I do the visualization. And of course it really helps me in my work, especially when you need to perform quickly, but some information is missing and can’t be provide right away.

For example, the steps size or the size of the window opening. Some things go by default. Knowing the standards in architecture and design helps me to accomplish my work much easier and faster comparing to a person with no education in this field.

Blue Kitchen by Maria Fadeeva

Blue Kitchen by Maria Fadeeva

– Client is nice, project agenda is clear, now you need inspiration to get started. What are your sources of inspiration?

I get my inspiration from the projects I work with. If I want to do something for myself than inspiration may come from everywhere: from some everyday thing or even movie. This way, for example, was born my “Blue Kitchen” which was inspired by the movie “The Bodyguard” with Kiera Knightley. There was a kitchen colored blue and I wanted to do something similar, but in my own perception.

If we talk about resources, than this is Behance and Pinterest, as well as my colleagues who post interesting projects. As for my favorite authors in 3D graphics: Vladimir Bolotkin, Pavel Vetrov, Dmitry Glazyrin and many others.

– There are 2 types of visualizers: one who heavily rely on post-work (they do not render scene completely, but only parts of it, and one who try to get complete scene after render process and apply basic post-work) From which side you are and why?
I used to be the one who did most of the work in photoshop. Now totally the opposite. I try to work as less as possible in photoshop :), because of large amount of renders it can just be confusing. Therefore, I devote as much time to the project in 3ds max. This way I can apply color correction with a single motion on all frames.
– How would you rate your level of expertise in 3D graphics on a scale 0 till 10?

My own level in 3D visualization I estimate as slightly above average. Last year I made a quantum leap in visualization and modeling. Learned a lot in recent months and continue to grow. This is especially noticeable in my recent projects that I haven’t yet uploaded and I can’t do this right now, but after a few months you will see them in internet.

Right now I continue learning modeling of complex objects and organic matter, as well as re-learning plug-ins for visualization. I use standard programs for visualization: 3ds Max, Corona render, V-ray, Photoshop, Z-brush, Blender, Autocad.

Bedroom by Maria Fadeeva

Bedroom by Maria Fadeeva

– What were the main sources of training that you used if any? Which one you can recommend?

Courses in 3D I was held in August 2015, because I had to obtain a license from Autodesk.

More and more schools starting their business In Russia, who offer visualization and modeling courses, but really good ones can be counted on the fingers. In my opinion there is only one school in Russia who teaches really good – Realtime school, which is located in Moscow. All the rest don’t teach, they only provide one scheme to work with and if you got a project which do not fit into this scheme, you surely fail.

– Do you participate in contests?
Participated in competitions before. For now, just do not have time and interest for this.
– Do you attend 3D vis. conferences or at least track them in internet?
Because of my traveling I do not participate in any conferences in 3D, but watch videos after the events in internet, mostly on YouTube. If such opportunity ever occur, will definitely go on CG event in Moscow, which takes place in early December each year.
– Do you have any personal ideas in 3D which you would like to realize (maybe someone has similar idea and later you can connect with each other in order to help accomplish an idea)?
Of course, I have a dream in terms of 3D, which I’m doing the last six months, but right now I would not talk about it, because I need to collect a lot of papers and transfer freelancing on the official level. This is my long-term goal for the next couple of years.
– What is your greatest work that you have done? The most challenging project you have worked on?

The most difficult project… I had several of such projects and all troubles were connected to solving the organizational issues, who is responsible for what. There were many disputes and ambiguities, misunderstandings in the specification and errors correction. All the difficulties always arise because of people, especially when several persons work in the same project.

But this is easily remedied when the person is ready to admit his mistake and agree to find a solution. This is, probably, the most difficult part in any team.

Apartment Studio by Maria Fadeeva

Apartment Studio by Maria Fadeeva

– What do you think about general 3D visualization level in your country
I think that 3D level is very high in Russia and the market is rapidly developing. Amount of young specialists constantly growing all thanks to the 3D schools. The profession of the 3D Visualizer has become very popular among young people. But really true professional is hard to find.
– Market is overwhelmed with the low quality/price offers. There are many programs which allow creating simple 3D without any knowledge. Do you think such job as 3D artists will be still needed in future?
I do not see any threat in them. If you really need an ultra-high quality of visualization you still need a human. For example, there is a new plugin for the visualization called “corona render” right now on the market, which allows you to do really photo-realistic renders. But still, there are not so many people who can make a really cool render. A highly qualified specialist, with good experience, who loves his job, will never be without bread, no matter what kind of software and plugins out there. I think this is the same in any profession.

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