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Dusan Vukcevic

Dusan Vukcevic

Name: Dusan Vukcevic
Area of living: Milici, Slovenia
Company: Fulltime freelancer, Vudu s.p.
Expertise: Interior & Exterior
Project duration: 5 days – …
Software using: Cinema4D, Zbrush, V-Ray, Octane render, Photoshop, After Effects

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– Every project starts from collecting materials and client’s wishes. How do you negotiate with clients? What do you ask for?
It is important to listen carefully to your clients directions and wishes. Asking your client the right questions and studying the provided material will get you a good understanding of the project. This practice also helps avoiding too many revisions. After receiving the plans, dwg’s and all other material, I ask for photo references in order to discover what mood and style the client is looking for.

Breakfast by Dusan Vukcevic

– How do you work: in your own style or under clients guidance?
I have my own style of rendering that I developed over the years. Usually the clients come to me based on that style. I can however render whatever my clients desire.
– How is you working process look like? How many revisions allowed to make?
It is a standard process: modeling, lighting, shading, rendering and finally post production. After finishing each step, I send the preview renderings to the client. The number of revisions varies from project to project, usually one or two revisions are enough.
– Have you refused to do the project and if yes why?
I have to decline a project if I think it is not possible for me to finish it on time, or if the clients budget and my rates are too far apart.
– General project time?
Projects can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. It depends on the complexity. Usually I need around 5 days to design, model and visualize a room. I do a lot of animations which take more time than still renderings.
Black Living Room

Black Living Room by Dusan Vukcevic

– How do you calculate/estimate project price?
I calculate the cost based on the amount of hours I need to finish the project.
– Do you charge for rendering?
Only if it is a tight deadline so I have to use online render farms.
– Do you have technical education? Does it helps in 3D?
I am self-taught, I learnt everything from books, tutorials, personal research and experiments. This process would be faster if I had the technical education, but studying on your own has many advantages. I noticed that when I’m learning on my own I tend to study things more in-depth. A lot of times I come across an information that is not directly related to the thing I’m learning, but is very valuable.
– Client is nice, project agenda is clear, now you need inspiration to get started. What are your sources of inspiration?
Usually I don’t look for inspiration in the beginning of the project. I like to see what I can come up with on my own. When I do need inspiration I go to Archdaily or Behance.
– Who is your favorite 3D artist or company?
There are many great 3D artist out there, but I think Alex Roman and Bertrand Benoit are in a league of their own.
Industrial Bedroom

Industrial Bedroom by Dusan Vukcevic

– There are 2 types of visualizers: one who heavily rely on post-work (they do not render scene completely, but only parts of it, and one who try to get complete scene after render process and apply basic post-work) From which side you are and why?
I do everything in 3d, only basic adjustments in post.
– How would you rate your level of expertise in 3D graphics on a scale 0 till 10. In what areas you would like to get more knowledge?
I like to think my level of expertise is pretty high, but I’d rather let the others do the rating. I thrive towards photorealism, so learning never ends. It’s a constant struggle which I’ve learned to really enjoy.
– What software do you use/like the most? Why?
I chose Cinema 4D a long time ago, no regrets whatsoever, it is an awesome piece of software. I do use plugins, especially for rendering. I’ve done a lot of work with V-Ray, but lately most of my rendering tasks are done with Octane. It renders incredibly fast if you are running on a couple of good graphics cards.
Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian Bedroom by Dusan Vukcevic

– What were the main sources of training that you used if any? Which one you can recommend?
I really enjoyed Mastering V-Ray from Grant Warwick. I highly recommend it, even If you use other render engines.
– Do you participate in contests?
I participated in 99 frames animation contest. I finished in the third place. I like to participate in social media contests, I’m happy to say that I’ve won quite a few:

– Do you attend 3D vis conferences or at least track them in internet?
Not as much as I would like to. I’m planning to attend to more conferences in the future. Recently I started lecturing archviz and 3D in general in schools and workshops. I am lecturing locally at the moment, but I have plans to do online tutorials in the near future.
– Do you have any personal ideas in 3D which you would like to realize (maybe someone has similar idea and later you can connect with each other in order to help accomplish an idea)?
I am working on a full CG short film in my free time. The progress is pretty slow because I’m busy with client projects, but I’m in no hurry. I am not looking for help at this time because the project is still in early stages. I may require help with shading and rendering, but I’m not there yet.

Breakfast by Dusan Vukcevic

– What is your greatest work that you have done? The most challenging project you have worked on?
Industrial bedroom” has gotten the most attention so far. The most challenging project was The Circle. It was an enormous project, heavy scenes needed to be animated and rendered.
– What do you think about general 3D visualization level in your country
It has been picking up in the last couple of years. Every now and then I see a new artist or a studio emerge and do really good work.
– Market is overwhelmed with the low quality/price offers. There are many programs which allow creating simple 3D without any knowledge. Don’t you see a threat for your profession in near future?
I think 3D artists will be even more needed in the future. There are so many new possibilities with ever evolving technology.
– What are your long-term goals or career plans?
I can see progress in my work, I think every new project tends to get better than the last one. I would like things to go on in this fashion.
Advice from Dusan how to achieve high quality level in 3D visualization and attract more clients:
Carefully observe the world around you and implement all the details you see in your renderings. A good portfolio attracts clients. Make sure you have one.

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