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Adam Bęczkowski

Adam Bęczkowski

Name: Adam Bęczkowski
Area of living: Koszalin, West Pomerania, Poland
Company: The owner of Slice Cube
Expertise: Interior, Characters
Project duration: 14 days – …
Software using: 3DsMax, Zbrush, Corona render, Photoshop, After Effects…

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– Every project starts from collecting materials and client’s wishes. How do you negotiate with clients? What do you ask for?
The most important is a nice, peaceful conversation with a customer. During such conversation I’m trying to find out number of renders client need, resolution of the final work, deadlines and etc…
Beautiful Monday

Beautiful Monday by Adam Bęczkowski

– How do you work: in your own style or under clients guidance?
Here in Poland, we say: „Customer is our Lord”. That’s why I try to do the work in my own style, but I always have in mind all corrections and wishes of my clients. I also try to advise a client if I can see that his decision is not entirely correct.
– How is you working process look like? How many revisions allowed to make?
First of all I am asking for additional information which could be important to me. Next is a usual 3D artist work. From time to time I am sending screen shots or fast renders for inspection. If everything is right I am continue my work.
– Have you refused to do the project and if yes why?
I try to take the challenge to each project. I refuse to do a project only if I know that I have too little time.
– General project time?
It is hard to determine. It’s all depends on how difficult the work is. I think most difficult projects for me are classic interiors, because where are a lot of models which have advanced sculpted decorations. It is certainly lengthen the time of the project. Let us assume that for modern space I need one or two weeks. For classic interiors I must multiply this time by two. I prefer longer deadlines because I want everything to be perfect.
– How do you calculate/estimate project price?
Project price is calculated individually. It depends very much on difficulty, number of renders and final resolution.
Beautiful Monday

Beautiful Monday by Adam Bęczkowski

– Do you charge for rendering?

Rendering is already included in project price. What’s why I always try to find such information from beginning of our cooperation. If customer changing his mind and asking for additional render I take additional charges. I have to calculate the render time and the time which I will spend on post-production. Price also depends on client. We need to bargain 🙂

I render all my projects on my computer. If I have really tight deadlines I use Rebus Farm. Fortunately, there are more and more of such companies on market, so prices fall a little, which is good.

– Do you have technical education? Does it helps in 3D?
I graduated from high school with a computer science with a specialization „Graphics and Computer Multimedia”. Next I studied design at Koszalin University of Technology with specialization – Visual Communications. The school helped me in some respects in design, but I always think that I am a self-taught artist. I always had to spend my free time to learn computer programs on a higher level.
– Client is nice, project agenda is clear, now you need inspiration to get started. What are your sources of inspiration?
Inspiration comes from customer, because I always ask for additional photos or texture examples. However, if it is not enough there is always Google search out there.

Larry by Adam Bęczkowski

– Who is your favorite 3D artist or company?
I don’t have defined favorite artists. Anyone who is doing projects on a high quality level has my respect. I check out Behance portal quite often. I search for new interesting projects, but not people. If someone inspires me naturally I follow him. I really like Platige Image one of the largest 3D companies in Poland.
– There are 2 types of visualizers: one who heavily rely on post-work (they do not render scene completely, but only parts of it, and one who try to get complete scene after render process and apply basic post-work) From which side you are and why?
I am definitely the number 2 type person. I try to set the stage to make a small post production later.
– How would you rate your level of expertise in 3D graphics on a scale 0 till 10. In what areas you would like to get more knowledge?
I do not think I should judge myself. I would like to let others do this. But I can tell honestly that I really need to level up my animation and sculpting skills in ZBrush.
– What software do you use/like the most? Why?
I started learning modeling by using free program called Blender. Unfortunately I don’t like the interface of this program. Quickly I moved to Autodesk 3ds Max, which I’m using nowadays with the Corona renderer. Additionally, I like to work in Adobe package, primarily in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.
– What were the main sources of training that you used if any? Which one you can recommend?
All the programs I studied by myself, by watching tutorials, which can be easily found on Youtube. On Youtube I search for specific words: Unwrap uvw tutorials for beginners or how to do…

Youtube is a really great source of knowledge. Then there is only the determination and perseverance to strive for your own purposes.

Gang Board Pomost by Adam Bęczkowski

Gang Board Pomost by Adam Bęczkowski

– Do you participate in contests?
If I have time I take up the challenge. Often, cool competitions can be found on sites such as:

– Do you attend 3D vis conferences or at least track them in internet?
I miss the time for such conferences, but I try to watch the most important artistic events and interviews with well-known artists:

– Do you have any personal ideas in 3D which you would like to realize (maybe someone has similar idea and later you can connect with each other in order to help accomplish an idea)?
I think the work with 3D printers. I would like to engage 3d printers for my projects. Maybe some professional models: aircraft for bonding, designing board games or perhaps applications using 3D printing. I’m interested in the cinematography also.
My silent place by Adam Bęczkowski

My silent place by Adam Bęczkowski

– What is your greatest work that you have done? The most challenging project you have worked on?
At the end of high school, I had to make 4 posters for fairytales. I assumed that I will do them using 3d models. I had problems with the creation of characters in Zbrush, retopology, shaders. I managed to finish the project “My fairytale” and I’m happy. I like the most Pinocchio character.
– What do you think about general 3D visualization level in your country
The level of 3d artists In Poland is very high, in my opinion. I am sad to say that many of them emigrated to other countries to work with the world’s biggest productions.
– Market is overwhelmed with the low quality/price offers. There are many programs which allow creating simple 3D without any knowledge. Don’t you see a threat for your profession in near future?
Unfortunately, the price level falls and it is sad. A lot of people can only create simple 3d projects. They never try to reach such a level of quality which a real 3d artist have, who devoted most of his life to this passion.
– What are your long-term goals or career plans?
I can see progress in my work, I think every new project tends to get better than the last one. I would like things to go on in this fashion.

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